PT. Murni is a Proud Member of:


Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)

kadin logoInitially formed as a provincial organization in 1968, KADIN is the first, thus the oldest, official organization which covers Indonesian traders in various industries. Accredited by Indonesian government in 1973, KADIN has become an organization which helps Indonesian business community develop and leverage Indonesian economic atmosphere by means of relations and business development.

Indonesian Mechanical and Electrical Technics Enterprises Association (APTEK)

APTEK is an organization under KADIN which serves themselves as a place for Indonesian mechanical and electrical business community to share knowledge, ideas and information in order to develop a business climate conducive to transparency and professionalism and to create a synergy of national economic potentials.

Association of Indonesian Computer and Telematics Suppliers (ASPEKMI)

As a part of KADIN, ASPEKMI is an association where Indonesian Suppliers for Computer and Telematics products and services build strong relationship and develop their business.

Association of Indonesian Telematics Enterprises and Consultants (ASPEKTI)

ASPEKTI is another subsidiary association of KADIN which gathers Indonesian IT traders and consultants to develop a constructive relationship in IT business.

Indonesian Telematics Software Association (ASPILUKI)

Asosiasi Piranti Lunak Telematika IndonesiaASPILUKI is an organization for Indonesian IT companies providing software development and other IT services to communicate and share ideas, consultative information, and business development especially in software industry.


Indonesian Computer Traders Association (APKOMINDO)

Asosiasi Pengusaha Komputer IndonesiaAPKOMINDO may be the largest association of Indonesian Computer Traders to share information and periodically hold IT exhibitions.

Indonesian Information Technology Industries Association (AITI)

Asosiasi Industri Teknologi Informasi IndonesiaIt is another organization which gathers Indonesian IT players to build relationship not only among their members but also between members and government bodies domestically and abroad.

The Employers Association of IndonesiaThe Employers’ Association of Indonesia (APINDO)

APINDO is the unifying organisation for Employers. Participating in the establishment of social welfare in the business community through integrated cooperation between the Government, Employers/enterprises, and Workers, within the framework of active participation for the achievement of the national aims.