Company Profile of PT. Murni

gedung-murni2PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara is a System Integrator that provides excellent IT solution in a wide range of products and services. With reputable expertise and experience, the company has been a dominant force in integrated IT and Banking Solution.

While its cheque processing solution has been implemented in 90% of Cheque Clearing and Processing in Indonesia, its integrated multimedia queue management system (SMARTQUEUE) has been implemented by customer service-based business to improve queue management, service performance, and customer satisfaction.

Along with best of breed solutions, PT Murni is Committed to Excellence to provide the finest customer service and technical support.


To be a reliable ICT solutions providing company.


  • Promoting quality products and services.
  • Developing innovative ICT solutions based on knowledge, experience, and professionalism.
  • Delivering ICT solutions that complies with customer's business requirements.
  • Developing mutually supportive strategic partnership.


Establishing firm strategic partnerships

We create new business opportunities to fully utilise, sustain and grow organisation, provide higher level of convenience, and greater choice for the partner and the public.

Delivering great service

We implement and promote an alternative approach using our solutions for greater efficiencies.

Providing accurate information

We provide our customer with reliable information, which is accurate and can be taken as reference before making a vital decision in business.

Ensuring the integrity of products and services

We ensure the integrity of the products and services that we deliver by:

  • Ensuring the quality and timelines of our core services
  • Implementing consistent and cost-effective products and services
  • Developing our business and technological system to ensure the sustainability of public confidence in our information security

Creating a great work environment

We create a great work environment by:

  • Supporting and providing our staff with tools and facilities that they need to deliver great service and
  • Ensuring the welfare of our staff

Build a solid organisational infrastructure

To provide best quality of products and services, we build a solid organisation infrastructure by:

  • Introducing, managing, and reporting our business activities
  • Improving financial viability and credibility

In its daily operation, management strives to spark of the spirit of its employees by creating a positive work environment. This is reflected on the corporate culture, which covers the following:

Management and staff belong to one solid team.
Ultimate effort is required to achieve the best in business.
Reputation of the company reflects reputation of all members.
Number one is result based on Good Corporate Governance.
Individual Employee is the main asset of the company.

Our Philosophies

Our success comes from the ongoing partnership and trust from our customers and principals. Thus, we value quality and professionalism – our people, our skills, our experiences, our code of conducts, and, above all, our performance that are encompassed in three simple words: