Banknote Sorting Machines

We offer various banking equipment for your sorting needs. Our wide range of innovative banknote sorting machine is not limited to sorting capabilities only, but also other advanced functionalities, such as counting, authenticating, batching, strapping, etc, which transform the way banknotes are processed.

Delivering high speed and accuracy, our banknote sorters allow you to increase efficiency, productivity, and security, while your staff focus on customer service.

Our banknote sorter can be integrated with your banking application and other financial legacy, thus most recommended for banking sector and financial sector either in front or back office environment.

Glory USF-52 Banknote Sorter usf-100 Glory USF-300
Glory USF-52 Glory USF-100 Glory USF-300
Desktop Banknote Sorter Desktop Banknote Sorter Desktop Banknote Sorter
gloryuw-500 gloryuw-600 Glory UWH-1000
Glory UW-500 Glory UW-600  Glory UWH-1000 
High Performance Currency Sorter High Performance Currency Sorter High-speed Currency Sorter
with Automatic Strapping Technology
talaris ntegra copy  talaris ntegra copy  
Talaris Ntegra NT 8860
Banknote Desktop Sorter
Talaris Ntegra Pro
Banknote Desktop Sorter