Card Printers

PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara offers the best banking equipment to support your business process, including all-in-one smart card printers that can be functioned as name card printer, payment card printer, member card printer, employee card printer, ID card printer, etc.

Featuring state-of the art technology and user-friendly features, our card printing machines accommodates various printing requirement, from single-sided to double-sided card printing, regardless the volume, for faster and more efficient card printing.

Presented in a compact and lightweight design, this card printing machine can be located anywhere to deliver high speed and high quality printing result.

Evolis Badgy selector image Evolis-Zenius selector image Evolis-Tattoo-Rewrite selector image

Evolis Badgy

Evolis Zenius Evolis Tattoo Rewrite
The all-in-one solution to
issue Photo ID cards.
Single-sided card printing in
high-quality singly or in small runs.
The next-generation printer
for rewritable cards.
Evolis-Primacy selectorimage    
Evolis Primacy    
To print single or dual sided cards in medium or large runs.