Cheque Archival Solutions

Digital Archival and Retrieval Solution for Deposited Cheques


As regulated by the Government, banks and financial institutions are required to maintain legible copies of deposited cheques for at least 10 years. This is to provide proof of transactions for dispute settlement in case of damaged, misplaced, stolen or lost cheque.

Currently, despite today’s advanced technology, majority of banks still depend on manual cheque archival, in the form paper copies, microfilms, or microfiche, which has these disadvantages:

Labour Intensive and Time Consuming Process

The manual archival and retrieval of cheques requires a lot of time and effort to:

  • Make paper copies, microfilms, or microfiche, and
  • transport the copies from the storage area which is usually located far from the cheque archival center when needed

Inefficient and Tedious Storage

Bank has to provide dedicated warehouse facility and systematic repository for secure storage and easy retrieval of paper copies, microfilms, or microfiche.

Compromised Quality

Preservation method for the manual archival is intricate and, thus, paper copies are usually susceptible to deterioration.

Unidentified Fraud

The manual authentication of potentially fraudulent cheques may not be reliable. Visual verification of physical cheque to identify presence or absence of UV security features or exfoliation of MICR characters are not easily done without any tools.

To anticipate these potential issues, PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara has developed SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit, a comprehensive cheque image capture solution that simplifies storage and retrieval of deposited cheque archives. Not only it enables digital copies of cheques to be stored at once without much hassle, this digital cheque solution also ensures easy retrieval of cheques’ data and images so that institutions can provide copies of cheques immediately when needed.


Dual-Sided Image Scanning

Integrated with any of the recommended cheque scanner, SMARTARCHIVE™ Depositscans andcaptures cheque image on both sides (front and rear) in B/W, Grayscale and Colour.

UV Scanning (Optional)

With UV scanning feature, SMARTARCHIVE™ Depositallows staff to authenticate cheque by examining the UV image of cheque captured.

MICR Reading

SMARTARCHIVE™ Depositautomatically reads and captures MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) data, allowing staff to easily search the archive based on MICR data.

Reject Repair

With reject repair capability, SMARTARCHIVE™ Depositcheque solution enables staff to edit or input captured MICR data manually in case of poor MICR encoding quality unreadable by the cheque scanner.

Database Storage

SMARTARCHIVE™ Depositcheque processing solution saved the data from all scanned cheques. All of cheques’ images and information are automatically stored in database storage.


SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit is equipped with reports of archival activities to provide traceability and accountability for audit trail purposes.

Search & View

SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit enables users to easily search and view archived cheques’ data and images with flexible search criteria, such as:

  • Serial number
  • Routing number or clearing code (Bank Sub Branch or Sandi Kliring code)
  • Account number
  • Transaction code (type of document)
  • Amount
  • User
  • Batch number
  • Date or range of dates
  • Or any combination of the criteria above

Endorsement (Optional)

SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit allows staff to endorse the cheques by stamping text message on the back of the cheques to acknowledge that cheque has been received and processed accordingly.

Data & Image Export

With SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit, data and image can be exported to XLS or CSV (for electronic data) and JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF (for images) for further processing (such as for clearing or cheque truncation purposes) or integration with core application.

Optional Features

  • Automatic input of cheques and customer’s data when integrated with SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™, an automatic teller cheque deposit solution
  • Online data viewer enables unlimited User to search, view, and export report data through web portal that can be accesses via LAN/WAN
  • Centralized archive center synchronizes archived data and images from branches to a central database to make the data available at the Head Office


Through the provision of SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit solution, PT Murni offers these following benefits:

  • Easy storage of deposited cheques automatically to the database
  • Faster and convenient retrieval of cheques’ images and electronic data whenever needed
  • Minimized potential loss due to undetected cheque counterfeits with optional UV imaging and automatic MICR reading
  • Maintain data and image quality as the digital archive is not prone to degradation or deterioration due to mishandling or other external factors
  • Reduced operational cost due to minimized transportations and maintenance of digital data & image storage

Hardware Options

SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit cheque solution is seamlessly integrated with various cheque scanners below to accommodate low to high cheque deposit volumes:

  Digital Check CheXpress-CX30 alt TellerScan TS240 Digital Check SmartSource Professional 
  Digital Check CX-30 FUJI FB-30 Digital Check TS-240 Digital Check SmartSource® Professional
  Suitable for low volume of cheque Suitable for high volume of cheque
Feed Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic
Capacity Hopper 1 cheque 100 cheques 100 cheques 100 cheques
Pocket N/A 100 cheques 100 cheques 2 @100 cheques
Detection Double Feed N/A Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Ultrasonic
UV (optional)* UV (optional)* UV (optional)* UV (optional)*
Speed 30 cheques/minute 85 cheques/minute** 50/ 75/ 100/ 150 cheques/ minute** 80/ 120  cheques/minute**
Scanning Result
(Double Sided)
B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color
Endorser Optional Available Available Available

*Machine  that comes with UV does not have the capability to capture image in color
** Predefined upon order