Cheque Book Issuing System


Generally, banks and financial institutions issuing cheques rely on outsourced cheque book production service provided by third party. However, despite the benefits expected from outsourcing service, banks and financial institutions encounter a number of serious problems risking their business.

In addition to the high on-going cost, cheque book production performed at a central location outside the banks or financial institutions is beyond control and highly potential to crime, such as cheque fraud.  The quality of the cheque book printed with laser technology is poor, thus increasing reject rate.

One of the ways to reduce such problems is to automate cheque book issuing with MICR impact technology that consistently produces high quality cheques.

PT. Murni presents to you SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™, a cheque book issuing solution for printing of personalised information and encoding of MICR data with MICR Encoder and Personalisation Machines. It can be configured to print all or some information on the MICR line, from cheque number, clearing code, account number, transaction code and amount.

Professionally developed for banks and financial institution issuing cheques, SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™ does not only create a streamlined and effortless cheque book issuing process, but also generates reports that enable user to track all the issued cheque for control and security purposes.

As a result, banks and financial institutions can leverage their business performance and enhance their corporate image while keeping their operational at minimum.
SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™ has been successfully integrated with the following machines:

Key Features & Functionalities:

  • Simultaneous printing of personalised information and encoding of MICR data
  • MICR impact encoding technology to minimise the potential of cheque fraud
  • Multi level security / access right
  • Reporting functionality to track all the cheque issued
  • Auto-Hopper for high speed encoding
  • Flexible System Integration:
    • Offline Mode (Standalone)
    • Online Mode (Network-Integrated)
  • External Devices Compatibility
    • Impact Printer
    • Stapler Binder
    • RIMAGE


  • Faster and more efficient chequebook issuing
  • Less ongoing cost
  • Organised cheque inventory
  • Reduced cheque fraud
  • Lower rejection rate
  • Monitored business performance based on the report generated by SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™
  • Enhanced corporate image