Cheque Encoding Solutions

Cheque Encoding Solutions

Increase efficiency, accuracy and exibility in encoding any MICR elds using impact technology to reduce reject rate and cheque fraud

MICR encoding for cheque book issuing

While some banks and financial institutions issuing cheques still rely on the service provided by the third party, some others have decided to handle their cheques independently. However, due to limited capacity of the MICR Encoder currently available in the market, those banks and financial institutions still encounter significant problems, such as the following:

  • The cheque encoding process is not cost-effective; it is time consuming and requires too many sources, including operational cost and manpower to operate the machine
  • Cheques encoding option is unavailable; pre-encoding and post-encoding requires different machine
  • MICR code quality is poor; it is not clear and fades easily, making  it difficult for MICR code reader to read the MICR
  • The cheques are still potential to fraud

Considering those issues, PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara introduces SMARTENCODE™, a cheque encoding application that is professionally developed to help banks and financial institutions simplify and streamline cheque encoding workflow, improve the MICR quality, and secure transactions while keeping the cost at a minimum.

Improve accuracy, e­fficiency, and flexibility in encoding any MICR fields using impact technology to REDUCE REJECT RATE and MINIMISE LOSS DUE TO CHEQUE FRAUD.

SMARTENCODE™ enables user to instantly print any number of cheques at any time requested. It drives MICR encoder to print as many cheque documents consecutively in a single click, replacing manual placement and insertion when cheques are printed one by one.  It increments cheque serial numbers during the encoding process, removing any rooms for errors and inefficiency during printing.

Applying impact technology, SMARTENCODE™ fuses MICR ink with the paper, creates a strong foundation and gives more distinct MICR imprint, resulting in a more readable and longer lasting cheque.

With online integration to MICR encoders, the application gives the flexibility to encode MICR on cheques including full encoding, pre-encoding for cheque book issuing, post encoding for amount encoding and any other fields in consecutive order. Subsequently, SMARTENCODE™ will automatically store the figures in the database and update cheques status for control and monitoring purposes.

Key Features & Functionalities:

  • MICR impact encoding technology to reduce reject rate and minimise cheque fraud
  • Flexible MICR field encoding configuration to print  any MICR field
  • Integration capability with other applications
  • Auditable cheque processing tasks
  • Exportable to other data formats (e.g. CSV for further data processing)
  • Multi-level security or access rights
  • Flexible system integration
    • Standalone (Offline)
    • Network-integrated (online)
  • Personalisation capability (optional)


  • Streamline and speed up cheque encoding process
  • Minimise significant cost over manual operation
  • Reduce rejected rates
  • Secure transaction by minimising the potential to cheque fraud
  • Meet window times for the following cheque process
  • Achieve business objectives
  • Improve business performance
  • Increase level of customer service
  • Leverage corporate image