Cheque Processing System

With expertise in software development and system integrator, PT. Murni Solusindo Nusantara has developed an end to end cheque processing solutions for financial institutions such as banks or clearing system members. The solutions can be breakdown specifically into

  • Chequebook production/ cheque issuing system
  • Amount encoding solutions including automatic amount encoding ("Power Encoding")
  • Outward cheque processing solutions from clearing members to clearing house
  • Cheque settlement solutions at clearing house to settle the cheque amount
  • Inward cheque processing solutions from clearing house back to clearing members
  • Electronic archival system for cheque

These solutions has been proven to improve efficiency in cheque processing.


  • Low capital investment and ongoing costs
  • Issue personalised cheque book within minutes
  • Improve efficiency of cheque amount encoding whilst reducing effort and cost
  • Capability of scanning front and back of cheques, during the clearing process
  • Easy to archive and retrieve cheque images
  • Cheque sorting based on configurable criteria
  • Reduce cheque processing time
  • Reduce cheque rejection rates
  • Faster and easier cheque verification
  • Reduce cheque fraud
  • Cheque Truncation capable
  • Detailed electronic cheque reporting
  • Support regionalised and centralised cheque processing system
  • Increase in customer satisfaction