Outward Clearing Solutions


SMARTOUTWARD™ is an integrated clearing system that provides a comprehensive solution for outbound clearing processes. It processes automated amount encoding and Electronic Clearing Data (with/ without document to follow or with image to follow - cheque truncation) from bank’s branch or head office to the Clearing House.

SMARTOUTWARD™ comes with automated amount encoding capability that requires less human intervention, minimising the risk, such as data discrepancy or even loss of cheque archive, due to human error. It also reduces cost, allowing for optimised business performance throughout the operational hours.

SMARTOUTWARD™ scans cheque image on both from and rear side and saves them in a server computer or in portable storage devices such as CD-ROM, providing easier backup of image files. Meanwhile, to facilitate return process of rejected cheques, either inter-branches or inter-banks, SMARTOUTWARD™ is equipped with "Reject Reason Letter" that provides brief yet clear confirmation.

To ensure that the business operation is in line with the business objective, SMARTOUTWARD™ periodically generates reports that can be taken as reference for internal assessment and evaluation.

SMARTOUTWARD™ has been successfully integrated with the following machines:

Key Features & Functionalities:

  • Auto-hopper
  • MICR reader
  • Automated amount encoding
  • Electronic cheque image capture
  • Colour
  • Grayscale
  • Black and white
  • Data entry and editor
  • Endorser
  • Reject reason letter
  • Reporting functionality with configurable period
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Flexible system integration
  • Standalone (offline)
  • Network-integrated (online)
  • Database search
  • Data export facility
  • Multi host connectivity


  • Streamline outward clearing process
  • Minimise operational cost
  • Optimise business performance
  • Minimise risk due to human error during manual handling of physical cheque
  • Improve customer service with faster and more secure transaction and settlement
  • Evaluate business performance based on the report generated by SMARTOUTWARD™
  • Enhanced corporate image