Counterfeit Detectors

As an expert in provision of IT product, especially banking equipment, we always bring up innovation to help our customers minimize loss due to rampant distribution of counterfeit money. In a business world where market is in need of reliable counterfeit detector, we offer automatic counterfeit detector, which is equipped with comprehensive authentication sensors, such as UV sensor, IR sensor, and magnetic sensor for accurate counterfeit detection of multicurrency banknotes, passport, and other security printing documents.

Our affordable yet reliable counterfeit detector delivers high speed with user friendly interface to streamline your business process. Moreover, this counterfeit detection machine also helps you save more space with compact and small foot print.

Our counterfeit detector is open to integration with your external application, thus most recommended for banking sector, currency exchange offices, and retails.

dors 200 m1 dors1100 dors 1200-1

DORS 200 M1
USD Counterfeit Detector

DORS 1100
Multicurrency Infrared Detector
DORS 1200
Universal Viewing Detector
dors50-1 dors130 dors-9930a-1

DORS 50 series
UV Detector

DORS 135
UV Detector
DORS 9930A Scan
Serial Number Printing Machine