Leasing or Outsourcing

Leasing or outsourcing is an effective cost-saving practice that enables you to reduce cost and improve performance without having to make a large up-front investment by transferring portions of work to a solution provider.

With over 25 years experience as a solution provider for IT and business solutions, PT Murni has gathered different best practices and feedbacks from our customers to help them created a streamlined business process.

We provide leasing with maintenance service contract for a large-amount of products, including but not limited to banknote processing machines, cheque processing machines, banking equipment, etc. and outsourcing services for cheque production, account statement printing, ID card printing, digital imaging, and cheque & document archival.

Some Benefits of Leasing or Outsourcing

  • Capital expenditure can be converted to operational expenditure to optimize profit
  • Risk mitigation to service provider
  • Provision of high quality products with the latest technology to ensure excellent customer service
  • Client does not need to hire dedicated employees for managing machines
  • Our support and services allows Client to focus on their core business
  • Our regular preventive and corrective maintenance in compliant with SLA ensures your business continuity
  • Our nationwide support coverage, all branches will get standard service in terms of SLA, quality, price and reliability
  • Our highly skilled technical support team is experienced in resolving various technical problems
  • Provision of Centralized Monitoring System to trace location, status, condition and performance of each machine in all branches