Integrated Multimedia Queue Management System

Streamline Queues, Leverage Customer Service, Optimise Service Performance

At PT Murni we have developed and designed SMARTQUEUE®, a breakthrough in multimedia queue management system.

SMARTQUEUE - Integrated Multimedia Queue Management SystemThe innovation of our technology does more than solve customer queuing problems. SMARTQUEUE® streamlines all queues, improves the quality of customer service, better controls queue management effectively and tracks productivity across the environment.

Set New Standards Of Customer Service With SMARTQUEUE®


SMARTQUEUE® attends to customer needs by making waiting more comfortable, entertaining and relaxed. SMARTQUEUE® allows customers to browse the surroundings, and gives them a peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any queue jumpers.

SMARTQUEUE® ensures each customer is served in a well ordered way and served by experienced staff with multi-lingual capabilities it required and much more.


Track customers from the moment they arrive until they leave. Even when they are transferred to another counter, their data is tracked and maintained.


All the tickets taken goes into SMARTQUEUE® application integrated to the back office and displayed real-time for management to control and survey information. SMARTQUEUE® provides a wealth of statistics for service analysis and evaluation including (waiting times, service times, peak flows, KPIs etc).


Increase corporate visibility with SMARTQUEUE®’s dynamic multimedia display. The multimedia display extends beyond customer directional information for advertising, informational and promotional campaigns.

Statistics include:

  • Number of tickets customers take
  • Actual waiting times by service category
  • Staff performance
  • Serving times with waiting time profiles
  • Average and maximum service/wait times
  • Peak times for staff allocation
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or user-defined formats
  • And much more

Suitable For:

  • Banks & financial institutions
  • Councils & government agencies
  • Immigrations & embassies
  • Universities
  • Hospitals, clinics & medical institutions
  • Insurance agencies
  • Service providers
  • Any customer focused environment

Our queue management systems / ticketing system is currently installed in across public and private sectors.