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Real-Time Location System

Ekahau is a real-time location system that offers end-to-end location-based business intelligence over Wi-Fi to give real-time visibility into the location, condition, and status of assets, people, and workflows for better operational decision-making.

Promoting a patented active RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ system that utilizes probabilities to locate objects and people within 8 to 15 feet using a standard 802.11 network, Ekahau automates manual processes, improves speed of communications, and ensures patient safety.

Monitor, Measure, Manage

With No Readers, No Cabling, No Hassles, Ekahau allows managers to monitor and measure the trends that matter most, with custom reports and dashboards , such as when and where your assets are used, how long patients wait, how often things go as planned, how much time caregivers spend on care activities, etc and manage the workflow for improved efficiency and performance.

Features & Functionality

Asset Tracking & Management

For many enterprises, such as hospitals, managing thousands of costly, mobile equipment is quite challenging. Ineffective and inefficient inventory monitoring and control  only leads to significant loss impacting day-to-day operation and productivity because many inventories are lost, stolen or misplaced.

  • Improve patient throughput by shortening equipment search times for caregivers
  • Monitor par level with location-based work orders that maximize equipment utilization rates and lower inventory expenses
  • Alert security before equipment leaves geo-fenced zones to prevent theft
  • Automate work order alerts and measure on-time servicing to increase availability
  • Automate equipment maintenance by gaining real-time visibility into the location, condition and status of equipment (i.e. sterilized/unsterilized, broken/fixed, in use/available)
  • Track asset movement history to isolate process improvements and optimize workflows
  • Improve inventory management with utilization, par level and dwell time reporting

staff safety badgesPatient Safety & Throughput

Ekahau RTLS offers better intelligence to:

  • Keep patients and caregivers connected
  • Improve patient safety and throughput with wearable Wi-Fi patient badges and Ekahau Vision™ location-triggered messaging software
  • Allow patients to communicate with LED text messages and send audible reminders to/from staff badges, anywhere there is Wi-Fi
  • Track patients, view them on monitors and receive alerts based on patient inactivity/activity levels, movement history and entry into restricted zones with real-time monitoring
  • Notify caregivers before elopement occurs with zone alerts indoors and outdoors
  • Automatically alert caregivers  to ensure patient safety
  • Mitigate resident fall, medication and elopement risks
  • Preserve resident independence and safety without surveillance solutions

Staff Safety & Workflow Optimization

Do not let repetitive manual tasks, such as admissions, discharges, nurse rounding, and equipment maintenance consume your day-to-day routines, creating inefficiencies and driving up costs. Automate common routines around equipment searches, maintenance and cleaning and patient documentation to improve patient experience and help caregivers focus on patients, not paperwork.

  • Reveal intelligence on patient-caregiver interactions (e.g., patient activity/inactivity), response time, service intervals (e.g., nurse rounding), and more
  • Monitor patients on the go without physical supervision while offering an instant help button
  • Reduce patient wait times and increase satisfaction by automating routine  communications for paging patients and sending caregiver reminders
  • Prevent injuries with instant alert, providing exact location-without map look-ups, voice prompts or dialing
  • Search for assets/people by type, attributes, location, department, status and other criteria to improve routine tasks such as discharges or admissions
  • Generate automatic maintenance work orders when asset status or location changes (i.e. exit/enter, clean/dirty)

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

wireless temperature monitoringThe storage of pharmaceuticals, tissues, organs and other consumables or injectable and biohazard material in refrigerators is critical to hospital operations and patients. Spoilage of temperature and humidity breaches can cost millions and destroy a hospital’s reputation, endanger lives and jeopardize long-term research programs.

Ekahau Vision™ offers a time-series dashboard view for temperature and humidity data and small battery-powered sensors placed inside refrigerators prevent breaches by texting Ekahau badges and sending email notifications when temperature or humidity exceeds software-programmed thresholds.

  • Minimize blood, tissue, medication, food waste and spoilage with automated, real-time temperature monitoring
  • Automate humidity monitoring and control to reduce infection risks
  • Protect valuable consumables by alerting staff before temperature breaches occur
  • Ensure patient safety and minimize risk

Suitable For

  • Education & Training Centres

Anticipate violence and protect students in schools, universities, or other any other education and training centres by allowing security and police to instantly see the location and communicate with students and teachers wearing Ekahau Wi-Fi badges.

  • Healthcare Industries

Keep patients, medical staff, nurses, doctors, other caregivers connected, anytime, anywhere, improve inventory efficiency, streamline workflow, reduce emergency response time, and minimize potential of injury and death and keep everyone in hospital, clinic, and any other medical centres visible and protected from threat of violence with location-based alert system.

  • Police Departments

Keep officers visible indoors and outdoors, reduce response times, and minimize the risk of injury or death with accurate information on location and details on the nature of the incident in question (blue button/white button and call alarm button).

  • Government Institutions & Military Departments

Support government and military projects with enterprise-grade, field-tested asset, staff and guest visibility solutions that has been used by hundreds of government customers, Veterans Administration (VA) VISN1, VISN10 and over 10 DoD hospitals covering all armed forces health facilities.

  • Hospitality Industries

Keep staff visible indoors and outdoors with an instant lifeline to help and save guest’s lives by shortening emergency response times with Ekahau’s Wi-Fi-based safety and security solution.