Automatic Teller Cheque Deposit Solutions


Introducing SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™, an automatic data entry and image capture solution to streamline entry of cheques' information to front-end (BDS) or core application and identify potential cheque fraud at the point of presentment, resulting in faster settlement for on-us or interbank cheque transactions.

Addressing Challenges

Specifically developed to simplify processing of cheque deposit at tellers, SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ helps to overcome operational issues including unidentified cheque frauds, errors in data entry, and inefficient manual process, thus minimizing costs and losses. SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ will help you address these challenges:

Unidentified cheque fraud
  •  Solved
Errors in data entry
  •  Solved
Unsecured third party involvement
  •  Solved
High operational costs
  •  Solved
Considerable financial losses
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SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ cheque deposit solution is equipped with simple and user-friendly features that will improve teller's efficiency when handling cheque deposit transactions. These features include:

Streamlined cheque verification

Along with our cost-effective and space-efficient cheque scanners, SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ is provided  with first-hand cheque authentication right at the point of presentment:

  • MICR Reading

The cheque reader/scanner will automatically scan and read the data encoded on the MICR line based on its magnetic signal waveforms and strength, thus helping teller to identify in case of tampering of MICR codes.

  • Image Scanning

SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ cheque processing solution scans cheque's image in B/W, grayscale, or color for digital repository.

  • UV Scanning

Integrated with cheque scanners that have UV imaging capability, SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ also captures cheque's UV image and displays it on screen to allow visual comparison or eye-balling of UV images of scanned cheques with UV image of authentic cheques (template comparison).

With this first-hand verification at teller, it will increase security of cheque transactions by providing extra layer to ensure authenticity of transactions. This will certainly reduce the risk of losses due to undetected fraudulent cheque transactions.

Automatic data entry

Upon scanning of cheque, SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ cheque deposit solution automatically populates and post the MICR data into an open application such as front-end (BDS) or core application, or to any open data processing applications like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

automatic cheque data entry
Depending on the cheque reader, whether it has manual or auto feed mechanism, this cheque solution will automatically post a single or multiple cheque deposit transaction data upon scanning. This is done without human intervention and, thus, minimizing errors due to manual data entry.

Exportable Data

Electronic cheque data obtained from the cheque scanner are exportable to other file formats, such as CSV or XLS, for further processing. Both electronic cheque data and scanned images can also be imported into other document processing or archiving system, such as SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit.

Automatic Endorsement

SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ will automatically endorse cheques as an acknowledgement that teller has received and processed the cheques.

Comprehensive Reporting

When integrated with SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit,SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ generates report which consist of total number of deposited cheques, both for on-us and interbank cheques, including total cheque amount from each banks.
*.Optional Modules

Automatic archival & retrieval

With optional integration with SMARTARCHIVE™ Deposit, all cheque images and data processed on SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ is automatically archived into a database for future retrieval. Its user-friendly search tool allows authorized users to easily look for cheques based on their payment records such as deposit date, serial number, routing number or clearing code (bank / branch code), transaction code, account number, amount, etc.


Through the provision of SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™solution, PT Murni offers these following benefits:

Minimize cheque fraud

Authentication of cheques at the point of presentment with MICR reading (of its magnetic signal waveform & strength) and UV scanning.

Streamline cheque deposit processes

  • Faster entry of cheque deposit transaction information to front-end application
  • Automatic cheque endorsement
  • Easy cheque verification (MICR data & UV features) in one go
  • Decreased risk of errors caused by human intervention

Faster Cheque Settlement

By reducing the inefficient manual process in cheque deposit for both on-us and interbank cheques.

Ensure readiness for Cheque Truncation System

While conventional cheque clearing with document to follow is still applicable in many countries, some countries have begun to explore ways to make cheque payment and processing easier. Cheque truncation is the conversion of a physical cheque into a substitute electronic form for transmission to the paying bank. It reduces or eliminates the physical movement of cheques and reduces the time and cost of processing the cheque through clearance system. With implementation of cheque truncation, the role of SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ will not only be limited to facilitating cheque deposit at tellers but also can be broadened to receive cheque payment at various network retail POS.

Hardware Options

SMARTCHEQUEENTRY™ cheque solution is seamlessly integrated with various cheque scanners below to accommodate low to high cheque deposit volumes:

  Digital Check CheXpress-CX30 alt TellerScan TS240 Digital Check SmartSource Professional 
  Digital Check CX-30 FUJI FB-30 Digital Check TS-240 Digital Check SmartSource® Professional
  Suitable for low volume of cheque Suitable for high volume of cheque
Feed Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic
Capacity Hopper 1 cheque 100 cheques 100 cheques 100 cheques
Pocket N/A 100 cheques 100 cheques 2 @100 cheques
Detection Double Feed N/A Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Ultrasonic
UV (optional)* UV (optional)* UV (optional)* UV (optional)*
Speed 30 cheques/minute 85 cheques/minute** 50/ 75/ 100/ 150 cheques/ minute** 80/ 120  cheques/minute**
Scanning Result
(Double Sided)
B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color B&W, greyscale, color
Endorser Optional Available Available Available

*Machine  that comes with UV does not have the capability to capture image in color
** Predefined upon order