QUMU Cloud


Qumu Cloud

QUMU Cloud allows you to create, manage, and deliver enterprise video communications anywhere and measure the performance with the least possible investment on infrastructure.

Content creator

Video content management solution from QUMU is easy and intuitive, allowing for instant publication.

Users can upload video, audio, and PowerPoint presentations, as well as record video directly into their presentations.In addition, users can also add tags, links, and documents for download.

Content portal

QUMU content portal allows users for easy search and organization of videos. Depending on the given privilege, users can view their own video contents or those created by other users.

Delivery tools

QUMU comes with flexible delivery tools applicable for different security settings. Depending on the setting, video content can be delivered via email to individual or group, or embedded as a link (URL Link) or using a widget in other websites.

QUMU also has remote control capability that empowers you to schedule, remotely initiate and terminate encoders and to set the automatic live-to-on-demand posting of content.

QUMU Player

QUMU drives greater engagement and enhances understanding through accessible and visually engaging video presentations that can be viewed on demand or live on desktops, mobile devices, and public displays.

The innovative technology carried by QUMU makes it possible to stream in multiple devices, to reach nearly an unlimited number of users with intelligent and efficient use of network bandwidth.

Reporting and analytics

QUMU provides real-time metrics and analysis for both on demand and live presentations. In-depth features, such as drop-off curves, enable you to see how your viewers engage with content.