QUMU Enterprise


Connecting with your employees companywide has never been easy. QUMU, therefore, redefines standards in video webcasting with a complete set of features specifically built for enterprise to connect with everyone in the organization through a dedicated network-friendly video broadcast and associated media content delivery, anywhere, anytime, on any devices.

QUMU Pathfinder

Video helps businesses communicate better and collaborate faster. With QUMU Pathfinder, user can choose the video quality based on user setting, network bandwidth, viewer’s location, device type, etc..

Comprehensive Delivery Options

Whether it is for internal video sharing, video broadcasting to executive address, or pushing of video content to external offices, QUMU has a wide array of options to deliver on demand and live video to anyone, anywhere, in your organization.

Content Portal

Depending on the given access right, users can organize, search, and watch videos through QUMU’s content portal. Even more, user can like, comment, and share videos, driving collaboration and engagement within the organization.

Quick Capture

QUMU allows for simple incorporation of rich media into your everyday business communications by providing you with a tool to help you create high-quality videos that combine screen recording, webcam video and audio sources and upload the video easily.

Speech Search

While finding the right information with other enterprise video communication solution might have taken hours, it only takes few seconds of video searching with QUMU Speech Search technology that phonetically indexes the audio of all videos and allows for any word or phrase to be searched—across thousands of hours of video.

Reporting and Analytics

QUMU comes with built-in reporting engine that provides real-time metrics and analysis for both on-demand and live presentations. With this engine, you can also have in-depth features, such as drop-off curves, that enable you to see how your viewers engage with content based on the content usage, compliance, storage utilization, and trends over time, polling, Q&A results and export to Excel or PDF.

QUMU allows you to manage all content storage, organization, and security, as well as monitor the workflows for live webcast in a real-time.

Enterprise Application Integration

With QUMU Enterprise Video Communication Solution, you can now you easily add engaging, sharable and valuable video content to social enterprise environments, like Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Connections and WebSphere, Oracle WebCenter and Jive.

Employees can create, edit, upload, and share enterprise video content, providing access to a far richer network of ideas to help accelerate collaboration and business innovation.