World’s Leading Video Communication Solution

Expand your reach; engage your audience through video communication

On cloud or enterprise level, on demand or live, QUMU allows you to reach more audiences, anywhere, anytime. Regardless their locations - at the corner of the office room, spreading in different time zones or on a different continents across the globe - QUMU makes it possible for anyone – employees, business partners, and customers – connected to the cloud to create, broadcast, view videos, and participate from their desktops or mobile devices at a time that suits them.

Create and Share More Videos

It is unquestionable that videos are much more worthy and powerful than pictures, thus ideal for delivery of complex information and ideas.

QUMU promotes a user-friendly and highly flexible video content management solution and a dedicated portal where the authorized user can manage (create, edit, , upload) videos.

Even further, our platform allows user to capture video presentations from any source - desktop, classroom, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and production studios- before sending them to multiple devices.

View Video Live or On-Demand

As a video communication solution, QUMU offers much higher level of flexibility that allows audiences to view the videos live or on demand. As long as their devices are connected to the cloud and they have the given login IDs, they can access the videos now or later.

QUMU applies no limit to the number of access. Audiences can access and view any videos available in the portal through a secure video streaming as many times as possible. Even more, audiences can download the videos and save them in their local folders for future references, especially when they are going beyond the cloud.

Figure out Your Audiences’ Responses to Your Videos

Of so many videos you have created, can you tell which one is more popular and easier to understand than others?

QUMU allows you to gather feedback, ideas, opinions, and advises from your audiences via polls, Q&A, and audience participation. Its comprehensive reporting tools and audit trails does not only provide you with unparalleled insight into how video content was created and consumed, but also uncovers the hidden fact on how your customers respond to your videos, how long they stay, how they like it, how they get the message, and what they want to know more.

With these, you can understand your audiences better and make necessary improvement – on content, style of presentation, etc - for more effective knowledge sharing.


QUMU is a scalable and versatile video communication solution with the next-generation of webcasting technology, making it applicable on cloud basis or enterprise level.


With all the benefits it may bring, QUMU is highly recommended for a wide range of communication activities, including but not limited to the following.

  • Corporate Event
  • Internal Meeting
  • Training
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Presentation
  • Video Competition
  • Live Webcasting
  • Product Demonstration
  • Lecture
  • Virtual Classroom
  • E-learning

To read more about how QUMU improves communication within your organization, please refer to our Case Studies.