StyleView Transfer Cart


StyleView® Transfer Cart for hospital is secifically designed for a secure delivery of medication from pharmacy to the patient floor. This medical cart ensures controlled access with electronic locked doors using programmable 5-digit PIN or via manual lock.

This medication transfer cart comes with not only excellent maneuverability of 5-inch (13 cm) swiveling casters over thresholds and floors, but also generous capacity of up to 120 small drawers or 40 large drawers.

How This Secure Medication StyleView® Transfer Cart Benefits You?

Expansive Storage

StyleView® Transfer Cart supports 20 or more rows of drawers.

Excellent Design

StyleView® Transfer Cart is designed to adapt to your workflow:

  • Shelves are removable and repositionable to support envelope drawer or other taller items.
  • Drawers are accessible from either side of the cart.
  • Top-cover comes with raised edges to prevent spills.
  • High surface of 41-inch (105 cm) to provide convenient operational height in standing position.

Easy Maintenance

This medical transfer cart only requires low maintenance due to its easy to clean exterior surface with no exposed ribs.


Technical Specifications

  Screen Capacity Lift Tilt Pan Rotation VESA
StyleView® Transfer Cart - ≤80 lbs
36.3 kg
- - - - -


  StyleView® Transfer Cart
Part Number 24-421-062
Description StyleView Transfer Cart (white/grey)
Includes Cart, 36 removable shelves, 4 casters (two locking), scanner cup
*Drawers are not included. Use drawers from StyleView point-of-care carts and/or purchase drawers separately to match your workflow needs
Compatible Drawers Compatible with: SV41, SV42, SV43 and SV44 series carts.
Not compatible with: drawers from SV31 or SV32 series carts.
There are up to 20 shelves accessible from each side of cart, which allows the cart to accommodate up to 40 large drawers or 120 small drawers in total
*Shelves may be repositioned or removed to support different-size items
Inner Cabinet Maximum capacity of inner cabinet = 80 lbs (36.3 kg), which includes weight of drawers and their contents
Top Cover Weight Capacity up to 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Electronic Lock Available. Electronic lock is powered by D-cell batteries with life expectancy of 6–9 months. The #4 button on the keypad flashes when batteries are low
Casters 5-inch (13 cm) bearing, dual casters require low user forces to move cart
Accessories Accessories may be added to the cart via the t-slot channel located on either end of the cabinet.
For example, an LX Wall Mount Arm with Laptop Tray may be attached using the SV T-Nut Kit (This configuration provides convenient computer network access for technicians or nurses)
Cart Dimensions 37.5" x 27.9" x 41.3" (95 x 71 x 105 cm3)
Shipping Dimensions 43.9" x 33.3" x 48.4" (111.5 x 84.5 x 123 cm3)
Shipping Weight 283 lbs (128.5 kg)
*Cart ships fully assembled (drawers not included)
Warranty Five (5) years